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I began my training as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1999.  Since that time, I have dedicated my continuing education to modalities in Clinical Massage & Therapeutic Rehab applications in order to assist others in decreasing chronic pain brought on by repetitive poor posture and overuse injuries.  In 2011, I received my certification as a Personal Trainer from National Academy of Sports Medicine, followed by an Associates of Applied Science in 2015 which focused on specialized training for  delivering interventions as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  These combined studies have taught me the best way to assist someone towards healing is to retrain the body's neurological inputs, which requires the client's full participation.  I have studied and continue to study with highly trained sports medicine professionals such as Erik Dalton, Dr. Ben Benjamin, Whitney Lowe and now countless others in the corrective exercise & physical therapy realm in order to develop a specialty in Orthopedic Massage Therapy, with special regard for neck, back, hip, & shoulder pain.  As a trained Manual Therapist, the skills & knowledge I have gained from a clinical perspective will assist in providing you an individualized treatment plan for correcting bio-mechanical dysfunctions.  I also believe in the importance of engaging the client in their own healing process and will educate you on body awareness, postural compensations, and encourage corrective exercises in order to enhance your ability to regain optimum alignment through your structural system. I pride myself in listening to your needs in order to do my best at providing a truly effective, integrative, & healing experience.  I look forward to helping you reduce your pain and improve your body's overall function!


Jessica Sherman,   

NM LMT #3680
Board Certified #294633-00
NASM CPT #1501213247
NM PTA #A-1232

Telephone #:  575-937-5110

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